What is Blue Light Acne Treatment?

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Most often than not, acne victims would often use over the counter acne treatments and not bother about other types of acne therapies. Most often than not, modern acne treatments have high price tags and a lot of acne victims usually avoid these treatments because of cost reasons. However that does not mean that over the counter acne treatments are less effective compared to modern acne treatments or the other way around. Modern acne treatments administered by skin care professionals however, saves you from the hassle of finding the right acne treatment for your skin. They all do the work from assessment to treatment.

Have you ever heard of blue light treatment for acne? A lot of people may not be aware of this modern acne treatment. This procedure used to be costly and is only done on a clinic setting. However, modern devices for acne have adapted this procedure. This makes it readily accessible for acne victims that are not fond of clinic visits.

So what exactly is a blue light acne treatment? Blue light acne treatment is a type of light therapy where blue light is administered through a device to kill the acne causing bacteria. Though there are not a lot of studies to back it up, it is believed that the acne causing bacteria can be killed by exposing the skin to different types of UV light. It is said that blue and red light is effective in treating acne.

In a clinic setting, the physician will apply a chemical to the affected area to make your skin more sensitive to light. This type of treatment would require several clinic visits and can cause temporary side effects such as redness, and peeling.

In a home setting, a device that transmits blue light is administered by the acne victim itself. These devices use a safe level of blue light to avoid serious side effects. Some devices a cream to be applied before the procedure while other devices will not require a medication to make your skin more sensitive to light.

When using blue light acne treatment devices at home, it is very important to follow the directions carefully. You need to remember that these type of treatment is usually administered in a clinic setting and will have some mild side effects. In any case you experience serious side effects when doing the procedure, immediately stop the treatment and consult a skin care expert.

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